Cover work

I will be off until Thursday 2nd October. There are some topics that you need to look at and some questions to do (which can all be found on the student shared drive).
There are some links below to support. We will go through the key points when I return.

Please make notes on:
magnification, the difference between analogue and digital signals, how analogue signals can be converted into digital signals, polarisation. Please go through the checklist for chapter 1 in you booklet and produce revision notes for the chapter.

Ch1 160C Satellite images (comprehension questions)
Ch3 10E Making estimates about information (estimation questions)
Ch3 70S Sampling and hearing (short answer questions)
Ch3 130S Polarisation in satellite communication (short answer questions)

This is the cover work for the lessons. You should continue to set yourself homework tasks outside of the lesson time.

You need to know how to calculate magnification for values of U and V and image and object size

Digital and analogue signals
In order to store and transmit informations with a computer it needs to be in a digital format. You need to know what analogue signals are and how to convert them to digital signals.

You need to know what it is and how it can be used in communication.

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